WINDMILL® Pivot Assembly


To make it more affordable for the artist to possess the WINDMILL® capability, the revolutionary WINDMILL® Easel also comes as a stand-alone Pivot Assembly. The Pivot Assembly attaches, via fasteners or Velcro style straps, to horizontal and vertical surfaces such as worktables and walls. It also attaches to many large and sturdy traditional easels. Like the Studio version, the WINDMILL® Easel Pivot Assembly manually revolves a canvas a full 360 degrees facilitating your most productive drawing, brush or palette knife stroke, providing the artist a new dimension in creativity. The unique canvas holding end brackets create an unobstructed canvas surface, including the canvas edges. The WINDMILL® Easel Pivot Assembly holds square, rectangle, round, and oval canvases. (20 pound maximum canvas/work-piece weight). Made from oil finished Red Oak and solid Poplar wood. Two sets of arms included.



Price $265 + shipping